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Raisham ‘Ray’ Balasar

Real Estate Sales and Rentals

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Advise Realty® 20 Park Plaza 4th Floor Boston, MA 02116
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As a resident of Brighton, Massachusetts since 1989, Ray has watched Boston and surrounding areas transformed into the real estate magnet it is today.  Ray migrated from South America in 1989 and started middle school in Brighton, Massachusetts (Thomas Edison Middle School).

Ray has an extensive knowledge of the current real estate market and can offer the proper guidance in selecting the right property for your personal, rental or investment needs.  Ray keeps it simple and represents his clients at the highest level possible constantly focusing on building a lasting relationship with all his clients from every walks of life, sexual preference or budget.  He has the experience to properly serve as a dual agent representing both buyers and sellers in the same transaction with full transparency and balance to keep both parties happy.  Ray understands the importance of listening and delivering positive results to his clients best interest.  Initial meetings starts off at a professional level but is quickly downplayed to allow the roots of trust and honesty to take hold allowing a world class representation on every transaction.  Mr. Know-All he is not.  With such an amazing support team from Advise Realty there is no need.  Mr. Balasar has such a positive attitude towards life you will no doubt feel blessed to know him.

Mr. Balasar acquired his real estate license in 2007 and transitioned from Redfin Realty where his talents were not fully utilized.  Mr. Balasar’s professional experiences include but is not limited to the following industries…

Advertising at IQ&J (Ingalls, Quinn & Johnson): Worked in the creative department on TV, radio and print ads/commercials. Critical Air Flow Tester / Mechanical Assembler / Quality Control and Shipping at Phoenix Controls:  Worked on air valves for critical airflow environments such as bio testing, military & industrial buildings. Liquidation & Trucking at Five Star Liquidation:  International liquidator and transportation specialist. Website Manager at 3000 Plus:  Managed and maintained a website of over 3,000 products. Real Estate Agent at Exit Bayside Realty & Redfin Realty:  Specialized in assisting clients interested in buying, selling, renting or investing within the real estate market. Mentor, Recruiter, Trainer, Inspector, Driver & Software Beta Testing for the ride share industry in Massachusetts (Uber / Lyft / Sidecar / Fasten / Zemcar / Wingz):  Brought over 300 drivers to the rideshare industry in Massachusetts and trained an additional 700+ drivers.

Advise Realty, LLC ® supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.