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Unlike many companies, Advise believes in full disclosure and transparency in business. We think it is unethical to hide information or otherwise not to be straightforward and transparent. For example, we do not use phrases such as  “up to” 100% commission. We pay 100%.  And you pay us our closing fee.

Our high compensation/low demand business model means we have removed all unnecessary demands on the agents’ time and concentrate on making their professional life easier and more productive. We must be doing something right: We have been in business 18 years and have over 100 happy agents. Take a look at our agents’ testimonials: They’re our best advertising!



In 2007, after having run a traditional commission split office for 9 years,  we asked ourselves “what do agents want?”  So we threw away the traditional commission split concept and instead opted for a new idea that made a lot more sense for everybody: agents take home 100% commission.

But how does it work? We rely on the volume of transactions rather than taking a big chunk out of a few agents’ earnings. It’s pretty simple, really.

We know what agents want. So we empower our agents with the practical support they need without interfering with what they do best: selling homes.  At closing, we charge one fee only  to cover the costs involved in the transaction.

When we debuted the 100% commission model in 2007, we were one of only a few offices in the country with this type of plan. We are still the only major real estate company in Massachusetts offering a true 100% commission plan, and with the lowest closing fee and no monthly fee. However, if you prefer a monthly fee and a lower transaction fee we have that too.  So contact Advise Realty today and let us empower you.



At Advise Realty, our agents are unencumbered by office bureaucracy and free to create their own budgets and marketing strategies, so they are able to pass those savings along to the consumer. Our agents, acting as their own boss, are empowered by the positive support behind them and are free to give their full attention to their clients.  Our agents feel equally welcome to partake in company resources and opportunities. We care about making sure our agents have everything they need to do what they do best, closing deals.  And those real estate transactions are of course how our office benefits. Everybody wins.

Okay, so what’s the catch? You’ll be relieved to know there is no catch. We threw away the traditional commission split structure in favor of a paradigm where both the agent and the real estate office benefit. No more employer/employee mindset, no more endless negotiations of commission splits. That’s right, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, including the client, and that was our objective from day one.

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